Monday, November 6, 2017

Dragonfly that Crosses the Seas to Africa - Article on The New Indian Express Newspaper about Dragonfly Migration (October 22, 2014) )

This evening, look up and you will see Globe Skimmer Dragonflies (Pantala flavescens), famous in Kerala by the name ‘Onathumbi’, heading towards the south or south-western direction. A city-based group of nature watchers has started monitoring the flight of the Globe Skimmer, believed to be the longest migration trail of any insect. And guess where it is all headed to? Africa.

 Members of the group, Travancore Natural History Society (TNHS), are observing the phenomenon with interest. Eldho Pachilakadan, a TNHS member, was the first to notice a large aggregation of dragonflies. Having spotted it at a point between Cherai and Njarakkal coasts in Ernakulam district, he followed the trail. There were more aggregations on the way, apart from small clusters, confirming that the migration had begun.